St. Cuthbert’s Church Brunswick

Parish of Christ the King

Diocese of Newcastle

19 February 2016

Hello from Essex!

We are gradually getting accustomed to rural life again, and I have been made very welcome at All Saints Wrabness. The church has been five years without a vicar and Laura, the lay reader keeps everyone on their toes.

Last Sunday, whilst talking after the service (tea and biscuits), I learned that the visiting priest had worked in a tattoo parlour on the seafront. I was rather surprised and asked him if this was before he went into the ministry. He said it was after and once people got used to having him around, it was a very good place to be a priest. People are not always what they seem are they?

I hope you all had a good Christmas and best wishes for 2014.

God Bless,

love Diana

Diana Handley has been a member of St. Cuthbert’s for eleven years. When John Winter died in 2009, she very kindly offered her services as organist, and she has played ever since! Sadly for us, Diana and Chris moved away in October 2013 in order to be nearer their grandchildren. We will miss them both, and thank them for all their help within the church. We wish them well in their new home. Below is Diana’s letter to the church…