St. Cuthbert’s Church Brunswick

Parish of Christ the King

Diocese of Newcastle

19 February 2016

Wish List for the New Rector

Following the move of Revd Canon Andrew Shipton to All Saints’, Gosforth, the position of Rector in this parish is vacant.

Each church has written about the new Rector they would like to see, in summary: The Christ the King team would like our new rector to be a ‘people person’, a genuine warm priest who has good empathetic pastoral skills. In particular, someone who is a good team leader, motivator and bridgebuilder.

The new Rector should be open minded, encouraging, and have the ability to enable others (clergy colleagues and lay people alike) to move the mission of God forward for the future in the communities we serve; but particularly within St. Aidan’s District and the Great Park, for which they will have specific responsibility. In this aspect of their ministry it is hoped that the new Rector will particularly consider pastoral visiting as an important part of their role, be willing to try alternative forms of worship and be especially mindful and encouraging of the needs of young people. The people of St. Aidan’s and the Church in the Park hope that the new Rector, and their 'Parish Priest’, will take an active interest in the life of the whole community, reaching out and forming meaningful relationships with those beyond the church’s walls.

As a Team we pray that God will lead the right person to our parish.