St. Cuthbert’s Church Brunswick

Parish of Christ the King

Diocese of Newcastle

19 February 2016

Royal British Legion Choir

We look forward to the Christmas concert of the Choir. The new Choir conductor is no stranger to St. Cuthbert’s as he was the Choir conductor before David Wainwright. Come along and sing some Christmas carols with us!

On 24th March we had the great pleasure of hearing the Royal British Legion Choir. As usual, they were in great voice and sang some old favourites and some new pieces.

It was also a sad day as in the morning the choir had sung at the funeral of their Choirmaster, David Wainright. David had been very ill last year, but although in a wheelchair had been returning to his various activities. While taking out money from a cashpoint David was mugged and robbed. He appeared to be unharmed and returned home but was found dead the next day.

David will be missed by many choirs. We will remember him for his rich bass voice in his solo of “The Song of the Flea” by Musorgski, as well as for his conducting of the choir.