St. Cuthbert’s Church Brunswick

Parish of Christ the King

Diocese of Newcastle

19 February 2016

Bishop Vacancy

Following the retirement of the Rt Revd Martin Wharton in autumn of 2014, a the search starts for the 12th Bishop of Newcastle. The procedure is as follows.

A Vacancy in See Committee, a mixture of elected and ex-officio members, both lay and ordained, from across the Diocese has been formed. This Committee is chaired by the Dean of Newcastle Cathedral.

A statement of needs is drawn up on behalf of the Diocese and sent to the Crown Nominations Committee, which will identifying potential candidates to present to the Queen.

The Committee elected six of its own members to serve on the Crown Nominations Commission, which in the summer will consider candidates to be the twelfth Bishop of Newcastle.

The first Bishop of Newcastle was to Ernest Roland Wilberforce 1882-1896. He was a grandson of the reformer Samuel Wilberforce.

The Spectator wrote of him

‘The new Bishop is, however, only just forty years of age, so that he has plenty of work in him, and those who have known his work as Rector of Middleton Stoney, and later as Vicar of Seaforth, near Liverpool, express great confidence in his capacity for the duties of the new Bishopric. They will not be light ones. The Northumbrians are a, rough and hardy people, and there is a large manufacturing and mining population to be brought under Christian influences.’

Are we still a rough and hardy people?