St. Cuthbert’s Church Brunswick

Parish of Christ the King

Diocese of Newcastle

19 February 2016

Dear Friends

I recently did a talk in church about a children’s toy Mr Potato head who had never been to church before. I thought I would tell him a little about our church as I assembled him. Much to the bemusement of the congregation I held up a potato I had purchased from the supermarket and began push plastic parts of a face into it.

Beginning with his eyes, I said when he came to our church he would see a hospitable, friendly, inclusive, joyful, happy congregation who would make him very welcome. He would not discover as in some churches that he had sat in the church wardens’ pew or someone else's’ favourite spot and been asked rather unceremoniously to move. Moving on to his mouth what would Mr Potato head use his mouth for at our church, to sing, to worship, to praise, to pray to smile, and to laugh, Yes Laugh! He would discover that our church is a Happy Church.

As Mr Potato head started to take shape, I added his ears asking the question, what would Mr Potato head hear when he came to our Church? He would hear Good News, he would be taught how to live by faith, how to apply faith, and how to be part of a faith community, and discover how faith is relevant to daily living.

Letter from the Vicarage February/March 2014

Assembling his arms Mr Potato head looked liked he was raising his arms in worship, lifting them to God to praise him, later in the service he would use those same arms to shake hands and share the peace with others.

I then raised the assembled potato, complete with Eyes, Mouth, Ears and Arms up for everyone to see saying he was now complete. That is until someone shouted out that I had left off the nose! (deliberately, for his nose goes in the centre of his face. ) My final point in assembling his nose was that whether at Church, at home, at work, at play Christ should be at the centre of everything we do and say.

I hope and pray that we continue to be a church that fulfils its Mission Objective’s by being welcoming, fun and relevant to the wider community and that our lives reflect the love of God to those around us.

Reverend Mark.