St. Cuthbert’s Church Brunswick

Parish of Christ the King

Diocese of Newcastle

19 February 2016

Why a fair?

Last year we struggled to find a suitable date for our summer fair. Our original date clashed with building repairs. Our eventual date was still difficult for many because of holidays, important commitments, illness etc.. so it fell to a few to organise. The question was asked “why bother with a fair at all?”

Our church is part of a community and a fair gives us the chance to open our doors and welcome others. Some people are curious or shy about church and have come along to have a look and meet people. Some lapsed church goers use it as a chance to see if they are remembered and still welcome--- they are. As part of a village a fair gives us the opportunity to raise our profile. A shout of –”we are here, part of, not separate from village life”.

Working together, especially under stress brings people closer and our congregation relishes such times. Our shared goal means that we all want to pull together and make it work. Such times always show us at our best, an opportunity for all to display strengths.

Fund raising is the driving force behind any fair. Yes, it would be easier to have a whip round for extra money, but the £600 raised twice a year is given in a sense of fun. Our funds are low. We need over £1,300 each month just to survive. Our monthly giving is around £1,000 so each month we need to find more. Fund raising is essential if we are to keep going.

I am sure that God wants our church to continue. His work is done on many different levels and in many different ways. I also think that He is there, at the fair, understanding what we are doing and cheering us on.

Judith Hoy